Thursday of Poetry-The Challenge

Do you think that your tomorrow

Will be different than today?

Do you think the things you hoped for

Will come true in any way?

By the thoughts you put in action,

By the dreams you strive to reach-

You can shape or form the future

By some hard-sought fact they teach.

Choose the good you want to happen-

It surrounds you in the “now”.

You can make or change the present…

Let God’s wisdom show you how!!

Take the path that seems to open;

for you’re walking it today!

You can even change tomorrow

If you let God show the way!!

11 comentarios el “Thursday of Poetry-The Challenge

  1. I have faith that tomorrow will be a better day, that I will have in my hands all everything that for any reason right now I dont have.
    I have faith that i will continue living for all the ones who needs love, because if I cant give love, them Im nothing in this world.
    I love you dear

  2. I totally agree that …..God shows the real way, when we are ready to go. At this moment, everything is a new BEGINNING. And eventually we got it..!

    beautiful poetry thursday… That is why I love you..!

    That is why I’m your Chef!!


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