Is Love a losing game?


Amy Winehouse says in a song:

Why do I wish I never played
Oh what a mess we made
And now the final frame
Love is a losing game.

I rather this song:

Now I was just a once a fool it’s true
I played the game by all the rules
But now my world’s a deeper blue
I’m sadder but I’m wiser too
I swore I’d never love again
I swore my heart would never mend
Said love wasn’t worth the pain
But then I hear it call my name

 Some people when finishing a loving relation and more when the rupture was painful, do not feel desires to fall in love again or are closed to the idea to look for love.
Particularly I believe that the single fact of feeling butterflies in the stomach when that person calls to you, or sensation who precedes to the first kiss, still more hard that kiss itself, in where you anticipate what you will feel, in where your body curves looking for the other, where the hands sweat and the knees shake you. Where your lips become damp and all your body shakes.


In where the hours are not enough to talk and to know the tastes of the other, where that call first hour in the morning leaves you with a smile the whole day. Where you note the colors of the city, where each scent has a meaning, where every moment is special.


I believe that single by the fact to feel this, I would risk to love again.

PS: This is MY guest post.


16 comentarios el “Is Love a losing game?

  1. Wow este post llego en el momento justo.

    “I’m sadder but I’m wiser too”

    y no creo k sea un loosing game , cada relacion amorosa nos deja auan experiencia o leccion de vida. Creo k se vuelve a loosing game cuando no aprendemos de los errores y seguimos haciendo lo mismo una y otra vez.

  2. Vale la pena… cuando lo vives… cuando lo sientes…
    Cuando lo pierdes… uno dice “mejor no me hubiese enamorado”

    No sé si el amor es un loosing game… pero ná… a mi me encantaría volver a sentir butterflies in the stomach… pero no siento NÁ! Qué vaina…


    PS: cómo te invitas tú misma a tu blog??? Ta raro eso!

  3. También pienso que no es un Loosing Game, quizás uno se siente así en los primeros momentos, pero a medida que pasa el tiempo uno piensa que valió la pena sentirse enamorado, a pesar de la perdida que sufrimos.

    Llega un punto en el que uno reflexiona y como dice Lizzey uno debe aprender de los errores cometidos.

    Enamorarse es hermoso y uno no debe negarse a sentirlo nuevamente aunque hallamos perdido una relación que nos dejo marcados.

    Revisemos en que fallamos y tratemos de no volverlo a hacer.

    Excelente Post.
    Que pases un día lleno de amor.

  4. It is a game for two. I’m convinced It’s a RIGHT GAME —no matter what, both players are always winners forever— As a matter of fact, NO FEAR is the only way to play this game.

    I love this game…!

    A nice and cool post, China.-

  5. china creo que lo lindo de enamorarse,es esa sensación de ríesgos que hay que tomar,es lo que lo hace interesante,y aunque en ocaciones nos tumban las decepiones, el mismo luego vuelve a sugir y hay que darse su oportunidad para volver amar.

  6. it should not be considerd a game but like a coin to play the game we must must choose wisely which game we pick because there are only a limit of games we can play before are heart becomes over scared by the lost. i choose to use my coins wisely and preview before i play (lol) to be single is to be in an amusment park with a coin in your hand and not knowing which game to pick so you run your hand thru all until you feel it in your gut that you have the rite one.(this shit wont make sence to no one but this is just me)


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